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My blog…

I just finish edited the wordpress site. You can visit it here:

You will see there all the image gallery of the Lego videogame characters. The site is mostly on spanish, but I add the frecuently asked questions on english too.

Also some fan arts made by visitors, thanks a lot! There are more stuff to add but I will later… Take care.

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Metroid by Meufer  -  Facebook - Deviant Art 

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A day like today, 18th of Febrary of 2011, I made the first Lego creation (Mega Man), I never thought that I would do so much, more than 100 figures, more than 3000 hours spent.

I have 900 pieces of Lego basic from my childhood, plus 300 some friends donated to me the last year, a total of about 1200. I can’t buy anymore, but I’m happy to do what I can to make good creations.

I have many things to reorganize. Thanks for the support.

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Meufer is waiting for your challenge!!

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Flappy Bird by Meufer  -  Facebook - Deviant Art 

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Happy New Year and…

Hi! Happy New Year, hope it went well for you.
I’m really don’t know when I’m gonna return with the Lego creations.
I’m want to thanks all the users that share, comment or like my stuff.
Take care, keep in touch and hope to see you soon here! 
I don’t have yet a web site, but meanwhile I have:

Deviant Art:

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Meufer and Little Mac  -  Facebook - Deviant Art 

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Little Mac by: Meufer -  Facebook - Deviant Art 

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Little mac is coming *_*

Right away photos, sadly I Have to repeat some ‘cause the sun today was strong >_> but I had some nice pictures today.

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A little busy…

Hi! I have been a little busy! sorry :) The next lego as you may know, is Little Mac in his boxing suit :D pretty excited about it, if I can make it this week I will. Also, I really want to make some Mega Man robot masters, 

Suggestions are open! Only 8bit or customs.

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Mega Man Mosaics by: Meufer -  Facebook - Deviant Art